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Mô Tả Công Việc

  1. Scope & Purpose

Market Access is a critical function of ZPTs business strategies to ensure success in a challenging environment. In the context of new evolving regulations and policies, increased cost- containment measures, ZPT/ZPV needs to be more strategic in addressing the barriers to patient access treatment.

 ZPT belongs Zuellig Pharma Vietnam Ltd. (“ZPV”), a foreign invested enterprise (“FIE”) established under the Law of Vietnam and an affiliate of Zuellig Pharma Group. Zuellig Pharma Group is one of the largest healthcare services groups in Asia and our purpose is to Make Healthcare More Accessible. The Group provides world-class distribution (in line with local country applicable laws), digital and commercial services to support the growing healthcare needs in this region.

The Market Access Manager will:

  1. Be the main driver to achieve long-term access for Vietnamese patients to ZPT’s medicines, both in a broad sense for medicines in general as well as in a narrow sense for specific ZPT medicines and therapeutic areas.
  2. Involve in the development and implementation of strategic plans to include ZPT’s product. Implements advocacy plans to seize opportunities and minimize threats that have a major impact on ZPT's business. Proactively develops and provides alternative solutions and preferred approaches to policy challenges.

Key activities will include:

  • Mapping out the access environment and pathways
  • Design and implement internal and external partnerships to enable funding, reimbursement & access, pricing and price negotiation which can include guidelines, innovative financing models……….to prepare for new launch products.
  • Prepare roadmap for seasonal product reimbursement
  •  Collaborate cross functional teams locally and regionally for going-to-Market and access for reimbursement and tender segment for new launches.
  • Identified the potential NGOs/CSAs, develop right approach and create the local demand based on ZPT’s portfolio
  • Partnership and or collaboration with NGOs/CSAs on projects relevant

This is a strategically important role to expand the market for sustainable business growth.

II. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure pricing & reimbursement/access strategy development and implementation for new products as well as maintenance and optimizing tender & reimbursement/funding strategies for existing products.
  •  Establish key strategic partnerships with KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), societies, policy-makers, payers and other stakeholders to enable access and shaping the market environment in Vietnam
  • Proactively monitor and shape access/reimbursement/pricing/ tenders guidelines related policies.
  • Partners with all cross-functional stakeholders to align on priorities and resourcing for business objectives across all portfolios
  • Responsible for training and educating the organization to enhance its capabilities in the principles of Market Access, payer strategy and policy shaping

Yêu Cầu Công Việc

  • Advanced Degree (Bachelor’s degree required, Graduate degree desired) in relevant fields such as medicine, health policy, economics, management, etc.
  •   Minimum three (3) years industry & policy working experience is preferred;
  • To be successful in this role, you must have strong interpersonal, networking, influencing and relationships building skills. You should have a proven track record in identifying policy trends impacting the industry and in developing and advancing policy solutions.  Being proactive, having passion and self-motivated;
  •  Ability to understand scientific evidence and identify implications to its value to local patients and healthcare system
  • Good understanding of local healthcare environment, listing and reimbursement processes and decision-making criteria of health authority for effective engagement
  •  Experience in successful listing and reimbursement of innovative medicines into National reimbursement
  • Good command of English both in oral and in writing;
  • Project management & implementation expertise;
  • Team work spirit;

Việc Làm Tương Tự

  • Nơi làm việc: Hà Nội
  • Kỹ năng: nhân viên kho, lao động phổ thông, Nhân viên đóng hàng - kiểm hàng - soạn hàng, Nhân viên đóng hàng - kiểm hàng - soạn hàng - nhận hàng, Nhân viên kho, Warehouseman, Nhân viên hành chính kho, Nhân viên phụ trách kho, Warehouse Staff, Nhân viên phụ kho, Nhân viên quản lý kho, warehouse
  • Công ty: Đối tác của Zuellig Pharma Việt Nam
  • Ngày đăng: 28/09/2023


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